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Have a Stress Free Halloween!

Have a Stress Free Halloween!

For many executives and business owners, Halloween can be an ideal time to avail of the opportunity to de-stress the body & mind.


Laughter is one of the most effective tools in aiding the body and mind to de-stress.  Spending the Halloween break with your loves ones, with plenty of fun-filled episodes during the mid term break will certainly boost the giggle factor.  Be it trick or treating together as a family or Halloween games at home, laughing can be a huge contributing factor to lowering stress levels.


Take your mind off work throughout the week.  Put down your phone and all devices.  Take the time to spend it with family or alternatively, take some well earned ‘me’ time.  Read a book or take a visit to the cinema, take a well earned trip to the spa for a massage.  For the more adventurous, increase the exercise levels during mid term.  Plan a run, hike or a cycle.


There are other executive tips for a stress free Halloween and these include deep breathing exercises.  Deep breathing exercises are proven to relieve stress levels.  It only takes a few minutes a day and the long term results are well documented.


Sleep more!  Take a well-earned morning in the bed or better still, escape to a place of peace and calm in an afternoon and take a deserved nap.  Sleeping rejuvenates the body and mind.


There are certain foods that are known to de-stress the body also – honey, mango and green tea all have beneficial traits and qualities that assist the body in its quest to follow a stress-free path.  Try to steer clear of the junk food during Halloween.  Occasional treats are allowed….


Live life and be happy!