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“Well, I Wouldn’t Start From Here …”

“Well, I Wouldn’t Start From Here …”

The sad passing recently of Albert Reynolds prompted many to comment on his life and his beginnings in Rooskey, working with CIE and making his money in dance halls and pet food. It served as good reminder of how many of us have careers rather than professions. When juxtaposed against the recent CAO course awards and the year-on-year comment on the top end of the points race, for all the talk of Medicine and Law, many people do not end up staying in the one discipline for life.

Harty Search & Selection was founded by John Harty in 1985. John had started out as a Secondary school teacher in Limerick in 1964. By 1971 he had been appointed to Deputy Principal in Crescent College. As he wasn’t a Jesuit Priest, you could say he hit a glass ceiling at that point. Further education – yes, it existed back then too – in the form of a BA in Economics paved the way for a move to the original incarnation of IBEC, the Federated Union of Employers in 1974. In 1977, an executive search consultant made a call and he went to Burlington Industries as HR Director for 4 sites in Ireland and then added European responsibilities, before again changing tack after 8 years and setting up his own business.

One of the really satisfying aspects of working in executive search is speaking with literally hundreds of Irish people who build their careers to leadership levels like John did. Quietly and carefully, many of the multinational sites in Ireland have benefitted from this drive from key individuals. They are no longer low-cost extra benches, but regional centres of excellence, innovation and profit. Our clients look for people who make a difference, people who have demonstrated the drive to adapt, change and differentiate themselves.

Over time, the high achievers are not just to be found in the traditional professions.